Adspire Marketplace

Project mission:

Our mission is to offer a virtual marketplace for presenting and seeking expertise for further development of student projects by attracting additional team members and/or funding and resources.

What problem are you addressing?

As an entrepreneurial university, UT engages students in many group projects yearly. But in most cases, even the projects that can potentially become a solution or inspiration for a business or societal problem still need to be included. They are nerve-racking pitches to potentially interested parties such as companies, investors, governments, or even academic bodies. The biggest obstacle to giving more publicity to students’ projects is their unreadiness to be seen by the world. They are usually prepared by teams of students that attend the same program and lack certain skills and expertise, such as programming, design, marketing, budgeting, etc.

Project solution:

We want to offer students a way to connect with likeminded students that possess the missing knowledge of the respective idea/project. It would be a university project marketplace where students can reach out to each other and develop ideas further. For instance, students will be able to put their created product on the market and be contacted by fellow students that have the knowledge and skills to expand it further. On the other hand, students with specific skill sets that are needed can be on the lookout for ideas and projects they find promising and contact the teams.

Business Model Canvas

About us

Our names are Elvira and Valeri, and we are the founders of the Aspire Marketplace. The idea came to life through Valeri as he wanted to take part in the UT challenge. Together, we tweaked some of the details of it and aimed at creating an easy-to-use marketplace platform through which students can easily connect about development of projects.

Why do we think this would be an important platform for students? As we are students at the UT ourselves, we have often observed that during modules we are asked to put in a lot of work on a project/idea/prototype and in the end, we only get a grade for it. However, a lot of these project ideas that are thought of during modules are great and would flourish and come to life if developed further. But how do you find someone with the skills and knowledge that is also affordable? This is where the university project marketplace comes into play. Here, you are enabled to post your project as a flyer for help and a respective student with the knowledge and skills can respond and help out further.

We want to give an opportunity to students to not give up on their ideas just because they don’t know where to reach out or don’t have the financial stability to do so. With this marketplace, all of this is possible!

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Valeri Andreev

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