Be Native


Project mission:

Our mission is to be able to help people that lack proficiency in English to be able to easily learn and use it in their every day life.

What problem are you addressing?

There is no easily accessible online tool for improving your English fluency and pronunciation. There are some existing solutions that try to solve the need for acquiring a good accent, such as speech therapy sessions, which are held in a one-to-one setting but are not affordable for the majority of people due to high costs, ranging from 100€ to 3000€. This kind of training usually lasts several weeks, which also creates another problem concerning availability. This is a problem that has not been addressed so far.

Project solution:

Our proposed solution consists of 5 components: English Language Sessions, Speaking Groups (Online/Offline), Google Pronunciation, Elsa Speak, Real time interactive visual feedback. We will develop a chatbot that you are able to hold a conversation with. After you end the conversation, it will give you feedback on your pronunciation and explicitly try to improve the words you mispronounced, by showcasing the Fx contours of your pronunciation and a native, correct one. You will need to go through each word and repeat it 3 times correctly until you can advance to the next one. This way your focus will be channeled toward your weak spots and your learning curve will increase faster. The speech recognition will be enabled by the Google speech recognition API, which uses the machine learning technique of natural language processing (NLP).

Project details

Contact person:

Valeri Andreev

Contact email:


Business & IT

Year of study:



Block 1B

Number of People searching for:


Type of person you are looking for:

What this person/people should be able to do?

We are looking for a psychology student that can analyze and optimize the learning processes within the app.

Why do you need these skill sets?

Ultimately, we want our users to be able to learn English as easily and as efficiently as possible, thus a psychology bachelor student would be a helpful addition to the team.