eHealth Intervention for Female Asthma Patients


Project mission:

Asthma is a diverse disease with a broad spectrum of possible symptoms. Owing to this, it causes a series of serious consequences for both the society and the individual life quality of the affected group. Patients struggling with adherence to medication are usually the young adults, as they are not equipped/ they still need to learn to cope independently from their parents. Therefore, we decided to target young females, aged 18-25. We are specifically focusing on females as females are more at risk of obtaining asthma than men at this specific age. Our intervention includes an app called Breathe. and a bracelet called BetterChange.

What problem are you addressing?

Asthma is a respiratory illness, which can be described by contraction and swelling of one’s breathing tracts, as well as formation of excess. Such contractions complicate breathing, cause coughing and inability to breathe in, and make wheezing sounds while breathing. Additionally, for the individual, asthma is connected to a range of common mental disorders and addictions. Subsequently, asthma is intertwined in a bidirectional relationship with low socioeconomic status (SES) and income. These individual and societal burdens of asthma underline the desperate need for methods to decrease the prevalence of asthma, namely by increasing treatment adherence.

Project solution:

Our intervention consists of an app called Breathe. and a bracelet called BetterChange. The app comes with many features that play a crucial role in the adherence to medication for the target group: Reminders: important for self-management of asthma patients – allows the user to check their reminders, alter and add or remove them. Symptoms: this page offers a range of common symptoms that an asthmatic user can have, and all of the symptoms are clickable. Exercise: this page shows the user’s current routine goals; and these goals can be adjusted as well as activities can be added and removed. Bracelet: The oxygen levels of the user will be collected by our BetterChange bracelet. Avatars: will be awarded to the user as they log their medication intake into the app each day.

Project details

Contact person:

Elvira Pepegova

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Year of study:



Block 1A

Number of People searching for:


Type of person you are looking for:

What this person/people should be able to do?

We are looking for someone to actually create the app to be usable, because at the moment it is just a lofi prototype. As well as, we need someone to fund the production of the bracelet.

Why do you need these skill sets?

We are not skilled enough to develop the prototype further.